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Cushy job thanks to intelligent task planning

A CRM system introduced by Trivadis makes the work of a chocolate manufacturer’s sales representatives much easier. Thanks to a web and mobile application, they have access to all current data at all times. The previous paper-based sales documents are no longer necessary.

In Short


Scheduling via a card system, no overview of completed tasks.


Implementation of a modern web and mobile application in the cloud.


Uniform user experience and access to customer data even when on the road.

Our solution

Whether or not we buy food depends to a large extent on its appearance and presentation. Sales representatives are particularly keen to ensure that their products are presented as attractively as possible – this was also the case with a major Swiss chocolate manufacturer. In the past, the sales representatives of this company used to travel to customers with a thick folder full of information material, writing down their feedback and needs by hand and taking photos of the sales stands, which in turn had to be processed. An overview of the completed tasks, let alone the customers was not there – and the employees were increasingly complaining about outdated working conditions.

Modern web and mobile application as solution

To solve the problem, Trivadis suggested that the chocolate manufacturer implements a modern web and mobile application. The application relies on Dynamics CRM in the Office 365 Cloud for the management of customer data, on the PowerBI Cloud Service for intelligent task and deployment planning including workload simulations and on the cost-effective blob storage from Azure for the storage of the image data (approx. 50‘000 images per year).

Access to customer data – around the clock

With the modern web and mobile application from Trivadis, the sales representatives are able to offer a uniform user experience and have access to their customer data at all times, even when they are on the road: e.g. to the last orders, to unanswered inquiries or to pictures of the last visit. With the modern application, paper-based sales documents were also replaced by digital documents. Last but not least, thanks to intelligent route planning, the sales representative save time.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • PowerBI Cloud Service
  • Blob Storage from Azure

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