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Flexible and cost-efficient database system

A flexible service level agreement and db* solutions ensure the operation of the more than 75 database instances at fenaco and are continuously adapted to current requirements.

In Short


Design and continuous adaptation of database systems to changing business requirements.


24/7 service desk including monitoring of database systems.


Incident, problem and change management through the provision of a support and maintenance team.

Our Solution

The design and continuous adaptation of database systems in line with changing business requirements calls for long-standing, in-depth expertise. In view of this, fenaco has been receiving support from Trivadis since 2008 under an Oracle database SLA. In 2014, the existing SLA was transferred to the Trivadis SystemCare SLA model to allow for a flexible response to extensions to the database environment. On this basis, the SLA was extended to include the field of Microsoft SQL databases in 2017.

Less administrative effort and more operational security

Trivadis ensures the smooth operation of over 75 database instances in a high-availability architecture on the basis of its flexible SLA with 24/7 support. db* from Trivadis also provides an agile, lean solution for Oracle and Microsoft database operations. Automating standards and best practices reduces administrative outlay while also increasing operational security. Continuous monitoring of the systems enables problems to be detected early and critical events to be prevented. A support and maintenance team tailored to the customer not only ensures the performance of event-driven tasks but also the continuous optimisation of the database systems.

With Trivadis as a managed services partner, we ensure the smooth operation and further development of our database systems. The flexible SystemCare SLA model and the use of db* components allow us to respond costeffectively to the changing underlying conditions.

Urs Brotschi,Head of Databases & Middleware, fenaco IT

Service SLA based on demand

Trivadis helped to reduce the workload of fenaco’s IT organisation and created a bespoke SLA tailored to its needs. As part of this SLA, Trivadis has been ensuring the operation of the database systems (Oracle and Microsoft SQL) for a number of years, with support from db*. What’s more, fenaco is also supported by Trivadis experts with specific skills and services, and the database infrastructure is continuously optimised.


Fenaco, based in Bern, is an agricultural cooperative. The best-known fenaco brands include beverage manufacturer Ramseier Suisse, meat processor Ernst Sutter, retailers Volg and Landi, fertiliser retailer Landor, feed manufacturer UFA and energy provider Agrola.

Technologies used

  • Oracle- und MS-SQL-Datenbanken
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Microsoft AlwaysOn
  • db*

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