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Hospital on the pulse of times

Thanks to a new BI solution, the staff of the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC) can be provided with reports and graphics in an even more dynamic and improved way. In addition, the EHC is now able to further develop its solution independently.

In Short


Existing solution is outdated from both a technical and functional perspective with respect to current users’ needs.


New BI solution plus biGENiUS, which enabled the specialist requirements to be transferred directly to the BI solution.


More dynamic reports, better graphics. The skills taught in the training provided by Trivadis enable autonomous working.

Our solution

Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC) is an association of healthcare facilities within the Swiss canton of Vaud. It is headquartered in the town of Morges. EHC’s business intelligence solution was developed gradually over the last 20 years based on its users’ specific needs. The individual developments were regularly implemented under a great deal of time pressure and were not always tested and/or documented. Based on SAP BusinessObjects and an Oracle database, this solution became outdated from both a technical and functional perspective with respect to current users’ needs. In addition, an analysis of license fees revealed that Microsoft was able to offer a solution that ideally complements EHC’s current strategy of reducing the number of different providers in line with the allocated budget. One of the aims of this project was therefore to develop a new BI solution for EHC based on Microsoft BI products.

Necessary division of sub-areas

The overall project was very extensive as several functional sub-areas had to be combined into further blocks. To continue with the project, it was important that, during the implementation of the first two blocks, hospital management could be convinced of their added value in the context of the BI solution for EHC. While the project was underway, several challenges were determined at the technical level: The transition between the businessobject tool, which was used internally without any problems, and the new reporting tool had to be implemented.

Through multiple tests and adopting a collaborative approach to work the trust in the data had to be built up among the users and in the first phase the users had to be guided in searching for information and creating reports because of the parallel use of the two BI solutions. However, the original system had to continue to be maintained so that users could consult data sources in the first system.

Direct transfer of specialist requirements to the BI solution

The solution proposed by Trivadis consisted of a pilot project to implement Microsoft’s BI solution, which was applied to the two subprojects/blocks of patient management and financial reporting. The solution was supported by Trivadis’ biGenius tool, which transferred the specialist requirements directly to the BI solution. The initial reports are much more dynamic than the reports from the old solution because cascading filters can now be used as well. The graphics are clear and neatly arranged. Creating such reports generates real trust in data among users. EHC was very satisfied with the pilot project. In addition, the EHC project team was able to acquire new skills and work more autonomously thanks to the training from Trivadis. From now on, several further developments will continue to be implemented in house, whereby Trivadis consultants will provide selective support.


Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC), based in Morges, was founded in 2000 to provide healthcare to the population in the region. Regardless of whether you are a patient, resident, family member or employee – people are always at the heart of the group’s work. EHC has three main areas of work: Acute care, rehabilitation and care in retirement and nursing homes. It also provides palliative care as well as a range of general practitioner services in its two medical centres.

Technologies used

  • BI solution: SSIS, SSAS, SSRS (ReportBuilder)
  • biGENIUS: Transformation of the Data Warehouse

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