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Efficient handling of flight irregularities thanks to an online platform

A new online platform makes everyday life easier for Edelweiss employees. Information is made available and documented to all relevant departments via a newsfeed.

In Short


Analogue and multi-channel treatment of irregularities in flight operations.


Better administrative handling of flight irregularities through the digitalisation of processes.


A newsfeed-based information system that can also be used for documentation purposes.

Our solution

In the past, Edelweiss would deal with irregularities in flight operations, such as weather-related changes to the schedule, diverted landings or technical defects, using paper-based checklists, by email or over the phone. Every department involved saved whatever documents were relevant to them onto their own local solutions. In an effort to optimise these processes and find a better way to share the latest information with everyone involved, the aim was to integrate an online platform for handling irregularities into the existing system landscape. At the same time, this platform was also supposed to serve as an information and filing system. Trivadis developed the platform, known as the IRREG Page, using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office 365 as its basis. Edelweiss is now able to handle flight irregularities digitally. The new processes incorporate all of the units involved: the command centre, flight OPS, the sales department, the technical team, ground operations and the senior management team.

With the new online platform, we have created a good form of support for difficult situations with very little expenditure and incorporated this into our existing IT landscape. With Trivadis SystemCare, we have also found a sustainable solution for the support and maintenance of our new platform.

Christoph Zogg, Chief Operating Officer, Edelweiss Air

A newsfeed-based information system keeps all of the units involved up-to-date with the latest status. The system also enables irregularities to be documented and filed. A high level of availability and quick response times are central criteria for the command centre. Trivadis SystemCare enables both of these requirements to be covered completely, while also forming the basis for flexible change management.

Major progress in terms of efficiency and quality

By digitalising its processes for handling flight irregularities, Edelweiss has made major progress in terms of efficiency, quality and digital documentation. Consolidating these functions onto a single platform and involving all of the necessary units in an up-to-date information system has helped the company to save time and money and supports the team during exceptional circumstances. It prevents work being done twice, as everyone now has access to the same information status, and also ensures integration into all other systems. As a result, this provides the best possible support for the demanding job of ensuring a swift response to irregularities and making sure they are dealt with properly. All those involved at Edelweiss and Trivadis praised the clear communication and the strong working relationship that was built as a result. All this meant that the project could be successfully completed within six months. In terms of the adherence to the schedule and speed, Edelweiss is extremely happy, and the same goes for budget compliance and, first and foremost, the quality.


Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure airline and is based at Zurich Airport. As a sister company to Swiss International Air Lines and a member of the Lufthansa Group, Edelweiss flies to 62 dream destinations in 28 countries around the world. Edelweiss has the ideal destination, no matter what your dream holiday: be it a relaxing beach holiday, a lively city break or the chance to explore new cultures.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

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