Customer Story

New "engine" in old DWH

A European sports federation commissioned Trivadis to modernise its data warehouse (DWH). The project was implemented using the biGENIUS data automation tool and exceeded the client's expectations in terms of time and cost efficiency.

In Short


Efficient further development and operation of a mature DWH.


Replacement of the DWH core with a new one based on biGENIUS and SLA System Care.


Reduction of project, operating and further development costs by more than 30%.

Our Solution

As an umbrella organisation, the customer is responsible for over 50 sports associations. They oversee all games, players, stadiums, sponsors, media, accreditations, ticketing, volunteers and much more. This results in a wealth of data, all of which has thus far been organised and managed in an outdated data warehouse (DWH). New requirements and expectations of the system, which could only be met with great effort, prompted the sports federation to renew its DWH.

Old shell – new core

Trivadis was awarded the project and renewed the existing and outdated DWH by basically keeping the structure, i.e. the entire shell of the DWH, but replacing the core. With biGENIUS, it was possible to equip the old DWH with a new extremely powerful "engine" so to speak, which made the DWH faster, more reliable and more cost-effective: The new "biGENIUS engine" saves 20-30% of the DWH costs. Significant cost savings can also be made with expansions and evolutionary development.

My collaboration with Trivadis was part of an IT transformation programme, specifically the modernisation of our data architecture. I particularly appreciated the availability of the Trivadis sales and technical teams, which enabled a personalised solution. The result was a balanced SLA that was seamlessly integrated into the development of our IT governance. In addition, we were able to achieve cost savings with the Trivadis package solutions, while also maintaining the agility demanded by business reality.

Enterprise Information Manager, Customer

SLA as a follow-up contract

The customer initially viewed the project with scepticism, as three other contractors had already tried but all failed at certain points. Trivadis successfully achieved the DWH project within the allotted time and to a high quality, while coming in under the specified budget. Successful completion of this project resulted in a follow-up contract in the form of a Service Level Agreement: The Trivadis team was available to the customer for almost a month and a half as a flexible service for extensions and maintenance of the DWH. In addition to successful completion of the initial contract, the SLA was also awarded due to the high reliability and speed of the team as well as the good implementation.

New DWH saves costs and halves time requirements

With the new DWH, the customer now has the optimal flexibility, as the system can be continuously developed further and adapted to current requirements. In addition, there is full cost transparency. In addition to the cost savings, the new biGENIUS-based DWH has also reduced operational, further development, support and maintenance efforts by almost half.

The "biGENIUS engine"

The biGENIUS data automation tool is used to design, develop and operate analytical data platforms. The tool automates the entire life cycle of data warehouses, for example by enabling data to be quickly and cost-effectively converted into added value. The international sports federation benefited from exactly these advantages: Thanks to biGENIUS, the new DWH is not only flexible and versatile, but also saves costs and reduces time requirements.

Technologies used

  • biGENIUS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Analytics
  • Trivadis SystemCare
  • Tableau

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