Customer Story

Higher customer proximity

With Trivadis, a pension fund has mastered the digital transformation and is now more efficient and competitive.

In Short


More efficient design of processes and stronger focus on the customer.


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) plus Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Power Automate.


More efficiency, speed and customer proximity through a modern data warehouse.

Our Solution

Increased life expectancies, continually low interest rates and high conversion rates – pension funds have been faced with great challenges for a number of years. Tech companies like Netflix and Amazon are creating additional pressure by turning previous consumer and purchasing behaviours upside down: with customized services that are available anytime and anywhere that put the customer’s needs in the forefront. In this environment, retirement insurance companies, like all insurance providers, are forced not only to make their processes more efficient but also to tailor them more closely to customers.

From paper to files and from silos to a central data platform

These were the challenges faced by a Swiss pension fund that chose to work with Trivadis. It had been able to position itself well in the market in the past ten years in particular through the high interest rates on pension fund assets. To maintain that positioning, it initiated its digital transformation with its “Strategy 2018–2020.” Interactions with customers and partners that had largely been handled manually and documented on paper would need to be digitalized. The knowledge of customers that had previously been kept in silos also needed to be made transparent and available centrally.

Further optimization through integration and automation

Trivadis supported this pension fund in a variety of stages throughout its digital transformation: Firstly, Trivadis implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) as a centralized information system for employees to provide a 360° view of all customers. Secondly, Trivadis supported the pension fund in the selection, implementation and introduction of a new, modern core system. Trivadis also integrated the existing and the new core system in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) to pool all data centrally.1

Standardization and automation of processes

In a further step, Trivadis implemented a number of continuous, efficient and automated processes using Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Power Automate in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM). These include the offer process (incl. automated credit checks and calculations) as well as the new connection process. Using an interface, Trivadis also integrated a leading comparison portal through which requests submitted there can also be processed automatically. In the next step, warning, termination and sick notice processes will also be standardized and automated across departments.

Implementation of a modern data warehouse

Alongside the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM), the integration of the core systems and the standardization and automation of processes, Trivadis created a modern data warehouse for the customer that bundles all of the company’s data sources using biGENiUS. It forms the foundation for being able to carry out a variety of advanced analyses in future and to allow the management to make decisions better and more quickly.

More efficiency, speed and customer proximity

The solution developed by Trivadis stands out in numerous aspects: To start, the modernized and partially automated processes increased efficiency within the company. Additionally, sales, field sales and service employees are up to date on the latest information thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM), which allows them to address customer needs more quickly and closely. All of these benefits together allow the pension fund to hold its strong market position – with the highest interest rates and a new, contemporary proximity to customers and partners.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (vormals CRM)
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Microsoft Power Automate (vormals Microsoft Flow)
  • Microsoft Power Platform Dataflows
  • biGENiUS

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