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Safe journey to the Cloud

Due to increasing pressure in the context of digitalisation, BuchPartner GmbH decided to move to the cloud. Trivadis supported the company in this and was also able to increase the performance of the database, in addition to the cloud migration.

In Short


Data architecture was no longer capable of keeping up with the requirements of digitalisation.


Migration and modernisation of data warehouse infrastructure on the Cloud.


Improved performance, better availability and lower costs.

Our Solution

Today’s data-intensive world presents many opportunities for modern organisations, but also major challenges. Data infrastructure must adapt to this new reality. Robust, agile and scalable data architecture is a key factor in a company’s success in the years to come. An important strategy in the modernisation of systems and digitalisation of processes is moving into the cloud. The benefits of the Cloud, such as better scalability of IT services, increased IT security, higher availability and predictable costs for IT resources, are now generally acknowledged.

Migration of data warehouse infrastructure to the Cloud

BuchPartner GmbH was one such company facing the modernisation of its Oracle data warehouse infrastructure. The book wholesaler was no longer satisfied with the service provided by its hosting service provider and also wanted to reduce costs. For these reasons, BuchPartner decided to terminate the contract with its previous service provider and migrate the hosted data warehouse infrastructure to the Cloud with the support of Trivadis. In addition to reducing operating costs, there were other important goals: The speed of the data warehouse application processes was to be increased and the company wanted to be able to continuously develop the DWH including the applications used there for sales purposes.

Database performance significantly increased

BuchPartner’s original specification was to complete a 1:1 migration of the previous data warehouse infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The kick-off took place in October, with the clearly specified go-live date set for the New Year. The kick-off took place in October, the clearly defined go-live date was set for the New Year. On the journey to these targets, several challenges had to be overcome, and in a hurry: Documentation on the data warehouse infrastructure from the previous service provider was very sparse and there was little support from the previous provider, especially at the beginning of the project. The data warehouse had also grown a lot over the years and had a large number of clients that had to be co-financed by BuchPartner.

Trivadis successfully migrated and modernised our locally hosted Oracle data warehouse infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The resulting improvements to its performance are absolutely amazing. We were not only impressed by the result, but also by the cooperation with Trivadis – so far, no service provider has been able to convey the topic of the Cloud to us in such a sound and simple manner. What’s more, the infrastructure is running better than ever.

CIO, BuchPartner GmbH

Together with Trivadis, BuchPartner therefore decided to first migrate the data warehouse infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and then modernise it completely. During this process, loading processes were tidied up for example. This increased the performance of the entire application and database processes more than ten fold. Optimising some configurations reduced the size of the database and subsequently eliminated the fee-based enterprise option. This not only saved license costs, but also enabled the size of the Azure Cloud to be reduced compared to the old hardware.

Operation and support with Trivadis

The cooperation between BuchPartner and Trivadis was very straightforward, with both partners on an equal footing. The migration and modernisation of the data warehouse infrastructure was completed in just a few weeks. Under a Trivadis SystemCare service agreement, operation and support of the databases and Cloud infrastructure were subsequently transferred to Trivadis. BuchPartner can draw on the know-how of Trivadis experts at any time and react with great flexibility to market requirements. This also ensures that the database environment will run smoothly in the long term.


BuchPartner GmbH has around 800 employees and is one of the leading book wholesalers in the German-speaking region of Europe. As a full service provider for books and media, BuchPartner offers all services from classic rack jobbing to shop systems through to nationwide campaign handling. Its customers include well-known department stores, convenience stores, discount chains and specialist bookshops. Its standard range includes over 50,000 current titles, from the latest Dan Brown, HGB and Duden to the newest Tim Mälzer and Harry Potter. BuchPartner is also the largest supplier in the area of Modernes Antiquariat (market segment for low-priced books) in the German-speaking region of Europe.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • FTP Server
  • SMTP Relay
  • Oracle DB inkl. APEX Application
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SSRS

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