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Specialists close to hand at all times

Data security and smooth database operation play an important role at Bethesda Spital AG. Trivadis has established a solution that guarantees security and operation around the clock.

In Short


Too little internal know-how for database operation and security and no adequate service regulation.


Migration to a new, redundant Oracle platform and a modular SystemCare SLA.


Secure database operations including 24/7 monitoring and local support staff.

Our solution

The Basel-based hospital Bethesda Spital was facing a challenge caused by a lack of in-house specialist knowledge. It did not have enough expertise to ensure disruption-free database operation or the necessary level of data security for core applications. If staff were absent, it also lacked sufficient service regulation. Trivadis was therefore commissioned to safeguard database operations. The clinical information systems and universal archive databases were migrated to new, redundant platforms and upgraded to Oracle database version 12c. Since then, database operations have been guaranteed by a modular Trivadis SystemCare SLA. SystemCare enables the databases’ various criticality levels and requirements to be reproduced in a very flexible manner, thus allowing a standardised, bespoke and cost-optimised SLA to be defined. The SLA not only safeguards operations in a sustainable, cost-efficient manner, it also covers support, maintenance and enhancement of the entire database infrastructure, too.

Round-the-clock support available

Thanks to the close proximity between Trivadis Basel and Bethesda Spital, the two organisations were able to establish a close working relationship, which is valued by both parties in equal measure. For instance, Trivadis is close at hand for Bethesda Spital at all times, ensuring expert support on an almost 24/7 basis.

In Trivadis, we have found a partner who provides us with the best possible support and advice for our database operations and the necessary level of data security for our core applications. As a small, agile ICT team, uncomplicated, personal contact with our partners is of central important to us – as is a clear understanding of sensitive, hospital-specific workflows and requirements. Our partnership with Trivadis meets these soft skills criteria as well.

Joachim Suter, Head of ICT, Bethesda Spital AG


Bethesda Spital is a private hospital in Basel that specialises in musculoskeletal medicine and women’s medicine, but also offers an extensive range of out-patient services in the field of medicine, care and therapy.

Technologies used

  • Databases
  • Oracle Data Appliance
  • Oracle-SLA

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