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Flexible self-service portal thanks to Azure Identity Management

Together with Trivadis, the internal IT of the Bern University of Applied Sciences established a strategic cloud computing platform for teaching, research and development.

In Short


Integration of the Azure platform into the existing IT solution environment.


Implementation of an Azure EA portal, setting up a network connection and a security basis.


Easy access to Azure environments, high flexibility and best possible cost control.

Our Solution

The IT faculty at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) supports teaching, research and development by providing IT solutions including cloud environments. BFH is making great strides in the area of digitalisation. An Office 365 environment before the project started was a prerequisite for implementation. Numerous courses, faculties and professors already used Azure Services.

The challenge was to set up and establish the Azure platform as a strategic cloud computing platform within BFH. Numerous sub-projects at BFH, which were already running on Azure, had to be brought into line for this purpose. The IT faculty and Trivadis had to integrate the Azure platform into BFH’s existing IT solution environment and also implement new use cases for Azure. In one such use case, software for robot technology was deployed on cloned, virtual machines, which students can then use in a course. Another use case involved giving students proper access to Azure resource groups with which they can create and use Azure resources themselves. Access to Azure environments should be made possible through the self-provisioning process to keep the flexibility and independence of the customer as high as possible. A further aim was to prevent any unused sessions that were not properly closed from incurring unnecessary costs.

Together with Trivadis, we were able to provide Microsoft Azure as a service for teaching, research and development. The successful implementation of the pilot project aroused the interest of other internal customers, which led to further enquiries. Thanks to Trivadis’ experience and professional support, our customers’ expectations were exceeded.

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH)

Building the self-service portal with Trivadis knowhow

First, BFH and Trivadis experts implemented the Azure EA portal (Enterprise Agreements) so that subscriptions and their costs can be managed and distributed correctly across the various faculties. They then created the network connection via siteto-site VPN, set up the network and implemented the security basis. Once the platform had been set up, the use cases were implemented. A recognised problem with sessions that had not been properly closed was solved by a script that at midnight automatically closes all sessions opened by the students at lectures during the day. Thanks to the new solution, internal customers of the IT Services have easy access to Azure environments for their lectures, research projects or other activities. One major advantage is the high degree of flexibility that BFH’s self-provisioning process enables. IT Services defines the framework conditions for the use of Azure in a simple process. The solution also offers the best possible cost control. Subscriptions and costs are centrally managed, unused sessions are automatically closed. With the help of Trivadis, BFH experts were able to build up the know-how and basic structure for the self-service portal.

Success through collaboration

Azure Identity Management is one of the biggest highlights. This makes it easy to pass on authorisations from a web login to the backend. The high level of security with which partners can be integrated into an existing Azure platform and authorisations granted also impressively demonstrates the success of the project.


Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is an application-oriented university founded in 1997. In addition to teaching, its core competences include further education, research and development as well as services. BFH has eight faculties. 30 Bachelor’s and 23 Master’s programmes as well as numerous further education courses are offered. 2,500 employees and around 7,000 students work and study at the sites in Bern, Burgdorf, Biel, Zollikofen and Magglingen.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Identity Access Management
  • Azure Automation, Computing Power
  • ARM Templates, Azure Automation
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure WebApp Service
  • PowerShell Skripte

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