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Online car marketplace in the Cloud

To keep the availability of its platform high, AutoScout24 decided to move to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Trivadis provided support with the database migration to the AWS cloud and with operation once the project was complete.

In Short


High demands on the online marketplace (24/7 availability of the website).


Migration of Oracle databases to AWS Cloud and a managed service developed for RDS.


Less resource expenditure with higher flexibility and speed.

Our solution

AutoScout24 is the largest online car marketplace in Europe – and a long-standing Trivadis customer. The marketplace offers private customers, dealers and manufacturers a broad platform for trading cars on the Internet. Trivadis supports AutoScout24’s operation and the continuous optimisation of the Oracle system infrastructure in order to ensure the high availability of the systems. Because “a car is only an AutoScout24 car” if the systems are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Perfect solution: AWS Cloud platform

AutoScout24 opted for AWS as its strategic Cloud and declared shutting down its data centres as a clear goal. The challenge for Trivadis was to migrate the Oracle databases to the Cloud with the least possible downtime to keep the availability of the online portal as high as possible. Another major challenge was the database sizing in the AWS Cloud, taking into account performance requirements and cost effectiveness.

24/7 service and migration to AWS

As a long-standing partner of AutoScout24, Trivadis developed a Cloud migration concept for all Oracle databases. With the help of db* CAPMAN, Trivadis’ framework for capacity and performance management, the capacity requirements of the databases were precisely determined in advance and the optimal sizing of the cloud resources defined. Without sacrificing performance, the customer was able to select the most economical Cloud sizing for them, thereby separating the consolidated databases, which had very limited operational maintainability to date, into independent and more flexible databases.

Managed services for business critical databases

AWS offers a large number of services that are very well suited to business-critical workloads due to their high availability and scalability. With the managed service for relational databases (RDS), there is common ground for many database systems from different manufacturers. Oracle was one of the first AWS integrations and is deeply embedded in the RDS ecosystem. The AWS implementation provides network isolation as well as data encryption when idle and during transmission. The availability of data and services offered is also particularly important for business-critical databases.

Trivadis was with us during every stage of the migration – from analysis and planning through to implementation – and now manages all our Oracle databases in the AWS Cloud. The migration enabled us to shut down the hardware and energy resources in our own data centre and axe hardware investments. The new environment also gives us greater flexibility and speed in providing new and expanding existing resources.

Juri Smarschevski, Head of Technology, Core Value & Eco Squad, AutoScout24

Professional Cloud operation

A managed service also requires professional operation, which is why AutoScout24 chose Trivadis as its partner here too. The Cloud operation is fully automated with IaC and CI/CD. With its expertise and monitoring developed specifically for RDS, Trivadis bridges the remaining gaps that even a managed service cannot cover. Trivadis also conducts regular performance reviews with db* CAPMAN for cost-efficient operation. The service package is rounded off by 24/7 monitoring with a service desk and active monitoring.


AutoScout24 is Europe’s largest online car marketplace. AutoScout24 allows users to find, finance, buy, subscribe and sell used and new cars. The marketplace provides inspiration for everything related to cars and makes complex decisions easy. The vehicle and price evaluation provides valuable guidance. This way, car buyers go to the dealer well informed and ready to buy.

Technologies used

  • db* CAPMAN, Trivadis capacity and performance management framework
  • Infrastructure as code with AWS Cloud formation
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle
  • Flexible database sizing
  • Scalability
  • Automation CI/CD with Jenkins

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