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Central backup solution for increased data protection

An international industrial company was looking for a centralized backup solution to provide more data protection and security against devastating failures with data loss. This solution should secure the data stocks efficiently and uniformly.

In Short


Secure large amounts of data efficiently, uniformly and centrally.


Automated backup for about 4’000 Oracle databases in over 60 countries.


The operating expenses are reduced and the risk of errors is minimized considerably.

Our solution

The amount of data an organisation needs to manage, secure and have available is constantly growing. At the same time, the complexity of IT infrastructure environments is increasing. Together, these two factors mean that disruptive events are also on the rise – even though investments in data backups have increased and companies are paying greater attention to the high availability of business-critical systems. For example, the 2020 Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) Snapshot Survey conducted by Dell among 1,000 IT decisionmakers in 15 countries reveals 82% of respondents have experienced a disruptive event in the past 12 months. That’s 6% more than the 2018 GDPI survey. Companies pay a high price for loss of data: They not only take up human resources, but can also cause economic damage to the company, right through to bankruptcy. According to the 2020

Centralized, automated backup solution

A global industrial company with around 400,000 employees also realised that the topics of data backup and data recovery are very important because they are the key to risk minimisation, increased efficiency and quality assurance. To date, this company has organised its backups for the 4,000 Oracle databases in more than 60 countries in a decentralised way with a self-developed solution. In order to efficiently and, above all, uniformly back up its databases, the company began looking for a central backup solution in which all Oracle databases could be implemented both easily and fully automated. The solution should also be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and monitored centrally from there. The company chose TVD-Backup from Trivadis.

The fact that TVD-Backup automatically backs up and deletes more frequently, for example, when the storage space for transaction files runs out, can proactively prevent a database downtime and save unnecessary downtime costs.

Roland Stirnimann, Head of Product Design, Trivadis AG

Intelligent control of backup cycles

The company can now implement all existing and new Oracle databases fully automatically in the Trivadis backup software. At the same time, the backup cycles can be controlled intelligently. Thanks to the so-called Intelligent Backup Scheduler, the backups do not run at fixed times, but according to demand and situation. This is ensured by an algorithm that is based on existing guidelines. Originally, in the worst case, static configurations caused excessive loads on the database server due to an unfavourable time distribution of the backup runs. These required manual intervention by the database administrator. The new system reacts automatically to changes and the backup cycle adapts dynamically. This not only relieves the employees, but also redundancies and peak loads on the system can be avoided. Unnecessary backup runs are eliminated.

Backup volume reduced by up to 50%

Overall, the new backup solution enabled the company to significantly increase efficiency: Fewer, targeted backup runs reduced the total storage capacity by up to 50%. New configurations as well as monitoring can now be managed centrally via a web-based administration interface in the company’s own system, which minimises operating costs on the one hand and the risk of errors on the other hand.

Technologies Used

  • db* Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

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