Cloud integration

The most economical combination of two worlds.

It is practically impossible to combine existing internal applications with cloud solutions into a functioning entirety without a good integration solution. Trivadis will help you to find the most economical combination between both worlds, and to implement it in good time.


Integrable cloud solutions, e.g. with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Every enterprise is confronted with an ever-expanding IT application landscape. Fundamental business-relevant applications are centrally supervised and managed (on-premise). Cloud offers new applications (SaaS) which run outside of the company's DMZ and support the business with innovation, flexibility and growth potential. These applications are silos with heterogeneous standards and technologies, and represent huge challenges when it comes to integrating them with classic integration tools such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Trivadis creates the viable basis – whether in a private, public or hybrid cloud

Our cloud readiness assessment of your IT applications gives the right answers by thoroughly checking the possibilities for integrating them into the existing IT landscape. It also forms the basis for a cloud integration road map. We will also assist you in creating your specific integration requirements such as a security policy, performance, availability, multi-client capability, and much more besides. With our recommendations, we help you to select the appropriate products and technologies (iPaaS), as well as the deployment models (private, public, or hybrid). And: You benefit from our experience in realizing complex integration projects over the entire bandwidth.


Our approach

Essentially, a cloud integration solution is an implementation of a business strategy. It is realized with IT services. Once the business strategy has been established, the company can concentrate on implementing its business priorities. Mapping your business processes in a hybrid IT landscape with cloud integration minimizes your investment costs, and enables you to effectively implement new trends such as digital transformation, Industry 4.0, or big data IT.


Your benefits:

  • Support from acknowledged experts across the entire project lifecycle.
  • Implementation of a cloud integration solution which seamlessly integrates off-premise applications in the customer's IT landscape and ERP environments.
  • Reduction in cost and time expenditure through the use of iPaaS and cloud applications.
  • Agility and efficiency enhance the time-to-value factor.




trivadis integration in die cloud

Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development