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What we offer:

Multi-skilling and advance training

Our employees' knowledge always has been, and always will be, our greatest asset. That's why we place such great value on the ongoing acquisition and sharing of know-how. Every year we invest several million Swiss francs in the Trivadis Technology Center in order to investigate new technologies and software releases, and to develop good practices. This means that our consultants do not solely learn about technologies and methodologies at our customers, but they can also access our internally developed knowledge base and a network currently comprising over 600 IT professionals to quickly arrive at excellent and workable solutions.

Our in-house TechEvents, where all our employees meet up in Zurich (usually twice a year), are among the largest IT conferences held in Switzerland. During the course of up to 15 parallel sessions that take place over two days, talks and presentations are given by employees for employees on a broad range of both technical and non-technical topics. These form the basis for technical articles that are subsequently published on the web, in trade journals and in books.

The speakers on the training courses that we organize are also consultants employed at Trivadis. They broaden their knowledge on a daily basis on customer projects, and then apply it in the know-how pool and share it with the training participants.

Our own training unit offers excellent opportunities for technical advance training, and we both encourage and require the acquisition of certificates from our partners Oracle (Oracle Platinum Partner) and Microsoft. Qualifying as a trainer and subsequently working as a lead or ancillary speaker is one development path that is taken by around one third of our consultants.



Trivadis is a Top Company on kununu, and in our staff surveys, which are conducted regularly and anonymously through an external service provider, our employees attest that our values are well and truly alive, that everyone is accepted in their personal individuality, and that they enjoy the teamwork with their colleagues.

The TOP-JOB award confirms that Trivadis is one of the best employers in Germany's mid-sized enterprise sector. In a cross-industry business comparison conducted nationwide by the Institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen, Trivadis stood out in particular by achieving above-average results in the category “Employee development & prospects”. Click here for details of other awards received by Trivadis.

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New employees are assigned a “Götti” or “Gotte” (the Swiss word for godfather or godmother), who help them to acclimatize, to feel at home, and to forge their first links in the Trivadis network.

During the first few months, every new “Trivadianer” attends a two-day event, where the senior management staff and heads of section present their organizational units, deliver a wealth of information, and look forward to answering questions. Newcomers from all the different sections can become acquainted here and begin networking right away.

Alongside their affiliation with a department and one of our 12 locations, our consultants are also involved in groups that specialize in specific theme areas. This ensures that existing knowledge can be used quickly.

Incidentally, among themselves all Trivadianer are on first-name or informal terms. Open, forthcoming and direct communication facilitates collaboration, as does the use of contemporary tools such as videoconferencing, webinars, blogs or Twitter.



Who we are seeking:

Task areas

In the consulting field, we are continually on the lookout for recruitments for the career path from junior to principal consultant. Working as a consultant encompasses many roles, which are brought to bear depending on the project and the consultant's personal affinities.

Internal and external roles:

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Success calls not only for special solutions, but also for special minds. That's why we seek personalities who strengthen our company with regards to know-how, specialist expertise and knowledge of the industry, and who want to develop with us. Technologically speaking we focus mainly on Oracle and Microsoft, and consequently our greatest need for support for our teams is to be found in these areas. You will be best suited to fit in with us if you are curious and extremely capable in your particular field. And if you are also passionate about what you do, committed to quality, cherish common sense as a regulating mechanism, want to work independently and can cope with freedom of action, then you will share the characteristics of those who already work at Trivadis.



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