Business Intelligence and Big Data

The best way to implement business intelligence and big data projects.
Find out how you can gain more productivity, agility and quality for BI and Big Data here

Business Intelligence and Big Data

The best way to implement business intelligence and big data projects.
Find out how you can gain more productivity, agility and quality for BI and Big Data here

Comprehensive solutions for your business intelligence and big data projects

How do you gain more productivity, agility and quality for business intelligence and big data? Here you can learn more about the technological backgrounds and the advantages they offer you in development and operation. As a leading IT service provider, we are focused on implementing highly efficient solutions for your maximum benefit. That's why we are always looking for ways to handle the tasks in BI and Big Data projects even better and with greater efficiency. This often results in tools and products that we use ourselves in the course of our services, but which you can also use independently in your company. The decisive motives for product development for us are always:

  • Productivity
  • Agility
  • Quality

«I’m convinced that the tool reduces data warehouse development costs by at least 50%.»

Markus Tanzer, Head of IT, Austria Tabak GmbH/JTI

Trivadis Business Intelligence Service Framework

The Trivadis Bl Service Framework biGeniusTM is the link between requirements and the productive BI solution. biGeniusTM is both a method and a tool, providing seamless support from the requirements analysis, through to implementation of the technical solution and operation of every phase of a BI project.
  • Fast implementation
  • High potential cost savings
  • Best practices and standards


RepGene(TM): Versatile report generator

You want to prepare and distribute reports for different recipient groups. RepGene™ automates most of this often time-consuming and error-prone task. For example, you can perform all the work steps involved in opening a standard report for 40 cost center managers, setting the correct period and cost center, and then printing, saving or mailing the report, at the touch of a button. The process can be flexibly parameterized and adapted to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Automated generation of reports with custom settings
  • Continued usage and optimization of your existing Excel reports as templates
  • Target group-specific distribution per email; print, save as online or offline Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV files

Advantages for you

  • Flexible creation of groups and custom-fit output of report portfolios. An area manager, for instance, can be sent all the relevant reports on his team in just one report portfolio.
  • Output of exception reports triggered by freely definable conditions for turning active information broadcasting and alert reporting into reality.
  • Values can be calculated in Excel tables and then written back to the database. This makes it easier to resolve complicated BI tasks.
  • Selective elimination of OLAP formulas for Excel offline reporting. This allows you to send planning records with valid active calculations and suitable specifications.
  • Removal of hidden fields and macros. The recipient receives a slimmed down Excel offline report that only contains what he or she is actually supposed to see.

RepGene(TM): Functions and applications

RepGene(TM) is suitable for your databases with dynamic Excel integration such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle Hyperion Smart View (Essbase, HFM), IBM Cognos TM1, Jedox Palo, or parameter requests in Microsoft Query. It features a user-friendly GUI, and is operated via an Excel add-in. You can also implement as many own-design report templates as you like.

  • Automatic report generation
  • Alert reporting
  • Active information broadcasting


biGENiUS®: Data warehouse automation

biGENiUS® data warehouse automation is revolutionizing the entire DWH life cycle – from analysis to design and development, and it also extends to operation and change management. With biGENiUS® we have developed a data warehouse automation tool that gives you the agility to implement the requirements for your data warehouse solution in very short release cycles. biGENiUS® achieves this by using methods to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and by going far beyond the automatic generation of data structures and ETL processes.

  • Structured requirements engineering support
  • Simplified DWH modelling
  • Fast and efficient generation of DWH components
  • Built-in DWH best practices for sophisticated architectures and maximum quality
  • Life cycle support for change management
  • Comprehensive error and data quality routines

Advantages for you

  • Quick and easy implementation of the BI solution
  • Minimal development and operating costs
  • Significantly easier to customize and extend
  • Always up-to-date documentation at no extra effort
  • Compliance with standards during implementation
  • Controlled handling of loading errors and data quality

biGeniusTM® for enhanced efficiency and agility

The highly automated biGENiUS® development process incorporates specialized requirements directly in your solution. This not only provides you with enormous speed gains in the implementation process, but also in the change process, which means that you can always implement the changing requirements of your users to their satisfaction.
  • Fast implementation
  • High potential cost savings
  • Best practices and standards

BI Writer(TM): Report commenting.

Many of the most commonly used reporting solutions only support the visualization of business data. Although they usually do this quite well, they often lack the capability for adding comments to report results. Even the best discrepancy report is rendered useless if the senior management is not able to read the comments about the discrepancies in the report. That's why we developed biWriterTM. It subsequently incorporates this missing function into all standard reporting environments.

  • Dynamic report commentary
  • Simple planning functions with reporting tools

Advantages for you

  • No need to change the reporting environment
  • Investment security for your existing solution

biWriter(TM) transforms your application into a fully-fledged reporting solution

biWriter(TM) can be integrated as a functional component (framework) in any standard reporting environment. This significantly enhances your reporting solution’s scope of function and eliminates the need to export data from a report and add comments. With biWriter(TM) all comments and remarks are immediately available to you and other users, as well as being stored in the database in a structured manner.
  • Reporting
  • Commenting
  • Planning


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