Data Warehouse Automation

biGenius® is a data warehouse automation tool that allows data warehouse solutions to be built up much more quickly and easily than with traditional methods. Its functionalities range from business requirements engineering through to the automated generation of data warehouse components. It also features functions for ongoing data quality assurance and load flow controlling.

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  • Support for structured requirements engineering
  • Simplified DWH modeling
  • Fast and efficient generation of DWH components
  • Built-in DWH best practices for sophisticated architectures and highest possible quality
  • Life cycle support for change management
  • Comprehensive error and data quality routines
  • Quick and easy implementation of your BI solution
  • Minimal development and running costs
  • Significantly simpler customizability and extendibility
  • Continually up-to-date documentation with no extra effort
  • Compliance with standards for the implementation
  • Controlled handling of loading errors and data quality

“I am convinced that the tool reduces the development costs of a data warehouse by at least 50%.”

Markus Tanzer, Head of IT, Austria Tabak GmbH/JTI

biGenius® for enhanced efficiency and agility

The highly automated biGenius® development process incorporates specialised requirements directly in your solution. This hugely speeds up not only the implementation, but the ongoing change process as well, which means that you can always promptly realize changing requirements to the satisfaction of your users.

  • Fast implementation
  • High savings potential
  • Best Practices & Standards

trivadis bigenius


Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence