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Consultants who get you to your goal.

Unified IT and industry expertise.

In our increasingly complex world with its high pace of innovation, it is crucial to have a reliable navigator at your side to give you forward-looking and sound support in your decision-making processes. At Trivadis, you will find consultants who possess excellent and profound know-how of the market, IT, and the industry. This combination benefits you, because we know what it takes to succeed.


Integral strategies.

With our solutions and services, we can support you throughout the entire IT life cycle. Beginning with the strategy and technology consultation, through to the follow-on conception and implementation of a solution, accompanied by the system and project management. Once the solution has gone live, we take over the running of the infrastructure and applications.


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trivadis beratung



trivadis beratung



Trivadis, Björn Bröhl, Head of Marketing Communications & Sales

Björn Bröhl

Trivadis, Head of Marketing Communications & Sales