IT Infrastructure Optimization

Backup & Recovery Optimization

Data availability: whatever the time, whatever the problem.

Is your backup solution reaching its limits? Are you looking for optimization opportunities or an innovative backup solution? A case for backup and recovery optimization! We will show you the potential for optimization in the areas of backup configurations, backup volumes, recovery and database duplication. Our approach involves a thorough as-is analysis with interviews, technical reviews, as well as an assessment and validation of the collated


information. Your organizational and technical requirements play a crucial role in this process. We condense the analysis findings into concrete implementation proposals – with one goal in mind: to improve the efficiency, risk situation and quality of your backup solution. Analyze – validate – prioritize – optimize: put your trust in the expertise and experience of our best consultants.

Your benefits:

  • Greater cost effectiveness of your backup
    & recovery solution
  • Smaller backup volume 
  • Faster recovery times and shorter downtimes
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Standardized and automated cloning
  • and deployment procedures

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Konrad Häfeli

Konrad Häfeli

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Infrastructure Engineering