Architecture & Design

Architecture and design of integration solutions

Planning and implementing integration solutions is a challenge that you will master with our expertise – condensed in the Trivadis Integration Architecture blueprint. The full integration packages from Trivardis allow the costs of the planning, analysis and rough design stages of integration projects to be cut by up to 50%. Our methodical approach and the field-tested integration patterns guarantee you a high degree of realization security.

We will help you to reduce your project and operating expenditure, and put you in a position to respond flexibly to new challenges for enhancing the performance and durability of your information systems. The architecture and design of our integration solutions are based on the proven Trivadis Integration Architecture blueprint. This provides a gridwork for building up an architecture and templates for designing the required solution.



  • Concept: identification of applications & interfaces, definition of the integration method, requirements, business case, sponsorship
  • Architecture definition: integration platform, requirements reconciliation, design rules
  • Planning: setup, platform, testing, migration

trivadis integration architektur und design


  • Clearly defined architecture roadmap
  • Lower process costs
  • Fewer risks during future implementation of the integration project
  • Perfect orientation of the information architecture to your business requirements


Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development