Applications for the digital enterprise

Your company, too, is forced by digitalization to rethink its application portfolio

Applications for the digital enterprise

Your company, too, is forced by digitalization to rethink its application portfolio

In order to increase productivity, security and above all agility and flexibility today, applications and application environments should be rethought in your organization. In digital times, your customers, partners and employees expect a familiar, simple, almost playful operation that goes far beyond the Internet and mobile interfaces. They expect speech, touch, wearables and other technologies, up to extended and virtual reality (artificial reality and virtual reality).

Connected with the support of artificial intelligence

Today's technology also allows your company to implement solutions that are non-monolithic. They serve exactly one purpose and this in a way that the "solution" is virtual and simultaneously distributed across different devices. These applications are strongly interconnected, support collaboration and many possibilities of interaction; they increasingly integrate artificial intelligence and thus allow completely new workflows. In addition to these cool features, it is naturally easier to adapt the application landscape to new conditions without monoliths.

Business applications today should also be flexible enough to allow your developers to quickly deliver new functionality to take advantage of digital business opportunities. The backend of an application should be flexible and customizable. This can only be accomplished through independent modules and services that your developers can quickly create, update, replace, and orchestrate to support different workflows.


Our experts support you in completely revamping the integration of your applications. For better collaboration, more interactions and the integration of artificial intelligence into your business processes.

Agile, secure and fit for the future

These backend services should be generic and independent of those that use them. So you can increase your organization's flexibility by implementing backend functionality using a pragmatic, multi-tiered service model that is separated from the front ends by APIs. By the way, an API-centric architecture allows you to flexibly and effortlessly control which role can access which data through which solution.

Such an architecture also makes your application landscape sustainable: it will increasingly have to control data streams; it will have to be able to respond to events and implement flexible observer patterns; it will have to guarantee high security and still be open to other ecosystems.

We will work with you to take stock of your application landscapes and develop a modernization concept that meets the needs of digitalization.

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