Agile working?

Here you’ll find out how to set your IT up for this easily.

Agile working?

Here you’ll find out how to set your IT up for this easily.

Everyone’s talking about more agility, increased flexibility, shorter time to market and quicker project implementations. But let’s be honest: How do you want to manage that in between daily activities? How do you want to increase speed to make new features in your IT available? How do you want to tap new business areas or work on new business models without falling short in your running business? The answer can only be this: You need to ease the load.

Trust will help you

The digital transformation is forcing your company to toe the line between innovation and tradition. Between constant creative renewal and also maintaining the core business – a Herculean task that cannot be managed without help. Innovations in particular require a certain degree of freedom that can get lost in the daily deluge of challenges. The targeted use of managed services can help here. They take the load off your IT organization and give you the scope to push existing business models forward and pursue new business ideas. The question here is: Who is the right partner for you?

We believe that, besides technological expertise, there is one factor that is especially decisive: It’s all built on trust. The foundation for successful collaboration. We don’t just see that as an empty metaphor – superb service quality is in our DNA. See for yourself.

Free yourself of time-intensive database tasks

Operations without downtime and managing your databases are recurring but time-intensive tasks. If in-depth expertise is also lacking, then money is getting wasted each day. Human and financial resources are being diverted from important strategic tasks that make innovation and growth possible. That’s why it can make sense to outsource recurring tasks related to databases to us. Our supporting services for basic operations of your databases will give you the freedom to push forward with your digital transformation and the plans that come with it. They also help overcome generally shortages in capacity: during holiday absences, when you are reliant on a specific person or in seasonal production shortages. And finally, outsourcing standard tasks will also increase your team’s motivation.

“We entrusted Trivadis with all of our Oracle database operations. The Trivadis SystemCare Managed Services model provides us with maximum flexibility in terms of future changes while also reducing the overall costs of operating the databases.”

Michael Fell, Head of IT and Telecommunications, V-ZUG AG

High flexibility and access to promising technologies

It’s not just the infrastructure, but also your software solutions and applications that need to be able to keep up with the quickly changing market conditions. The costs shouldn’t get out of hand either. We can help you and your colleagues here, too. We can handle the entire software operations as well as maintenance and ongoing development of your applications and software solutions, as needed. Our range reaches from solely a software maintenance package to organizing support for applications that are crucial for your business.

“OPAL is a customized ERP software that ideally covers the processes of 29 of our Rohde & Schwarz locations. In cooperation with Trivadis, OPAL was continually developed and dynamically adjusted to the changing requirements. Thanks to the tailored Trivadis SystemCare SLA, OPAL’s operation was ensured along the entire service chain of support, maintenance and development.”

Gudrun Reul, Head of Sales & Service OPAL, Rohde & Schwarz

Sleep better and achieve more with our 24/7 service coverage

You’ve got dark rings around your eyes? Trouble falling asleep because you half-expect to get the nightly call that you have to run down to the office? High time to relax a bit and move your company forward. 24/7 availability of IT systems is essential in the age of internationalization, growth in new markets and digitalization. New business models and changing user behaviour require interactions to be processed quickly and without a hitch at any time. But how can you ensure 24/7 availability of your systems without blowing your entire IT budget or overworking your team? The simple answer: with our 24/7 service coverage. It helps your IT organization manage the growing challenges and allows you to push your existing business model forward and develop it. And it does so 365 days a year, around the clock.

“With Trivadis as a Managed Services partner, we ensure seamless operations and ongoing development of our database systems. That reduces costs on the one hand and also takes a significant load off our company’s IT organization.”

Christian Hähni, CIO, Burckhardt Compression Holding AG

How many managed services do you need?

When you choose to use managed services, it’s important to go in with a plan. Without a solid concept, you might end up paying a lot but getting few or the wrong services. That’s why we recommend: Take part in our "Ready for Managed Services" workshop. In it, we’ll figure out together where managed services can offer you which advantages. We’ll check together which activities we can take over and how collaboration will work. That’s a lot easier and quicker than you might think. The best part of our workshop is the clear result. That will allow you to identify the potential for optimization in your organization, to find the ideal level of service for your organization and to determine the right type of service (outsourcing, nearshoring or outtasking).

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Client testimonials

«We have handed over the entire Oracle database operation to Trivadis. With Trivadis SystemCare, we have a managed services model that allows maximum flexibility with regard to future changes and at the same time guarantees the stability of the databases in daily operation.»
Michael Fell
Head of IT and Telecommunication, V-ZUG AG
«With OPAL, we have an individual ERP software at our disposal that optimally covers the processes of 29 of our Rohde & Schwarz agencies. In cooperation with Trivadis, OPAL has been continuously further developed and dynamically adapted to changing requirements. Thanks to the tailor-made Trivadis SystemCare SLA, the operation of OPAL is ensured along the entire service chain of support, maintenance and further development. »
Gudrun Reul
Head of Sales & Service OPAL, Rohde & Schwarz
«With Trivadis as our Managed Services Partner, we ensure the smooth operation and further development of our database systems. This enables us to reduce costs on the one hand and significantly relieve our company's IT organization on the other.»
Christian Hähni
CIO, Burckhardt Compression Holding AG