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The success of a business intelligence solution is not so much impacted by the choice of reporting tool, but much more by the way in which the prepared information is presented to the user. This has led to the evolvement of a distinct discipline called “information design”, which ensures that analysis findings and reports are depicted in an easily comprehensible and meaningful manner.

Key success factors are not only the presentation and visualization of data, however, but also the ability to create future-oriented analyses and forecasts, or to identify patterns and correlations in the extensive data pools found in the big data world.


Trivadis will support you from the orientation of your reporting solution that is compliant with IBC (international business communication standards) design rules formulated by Professor Rolf Hichert, through to the implementation of cutting-edge, Predictive Analytics applications.



  • SUCCESS standards
  • IBCS design rules
  • BI consolidation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning

“With Trivadis, we were able to achieve appreciable cost savings, and at the same time significantly expedite our Bl environment.”

Matthias Meyer, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Greater potential from reporting data!

The IBCS design rules ensure that all the relevant information is always prepared in an easily understandable manner, and can be effectively used as a basis for your strategic decisions. Don't just look into the past, look into the future as well. Predictive Analytics will enable you to consistently increase your productivity and gain a decisive edge over your competitors!

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Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence