When we started out in 1994 we wanted to be faster and more innovative than our competitors. Today we want more:

Our aim is to create a world in which intelligent IT facilitates life and work as a matter of course.

We want to achieve great things together. That’s why our mission is:


Transparent working ethics and a dynamic culture are very important to us – both within the Trivadis organization and in our relationships with customers and partners. We are a team that communicates clearly and reliably with each other across departments, divisions, segments, geographic and cultural borders.

We develop solutions together that take us collectively forward.


What we do: we turn data into business

Data is an elementary basis for the development of your business. We support you in drawing the greatest possible added value from your company's data. In this way we help you to further develop processes, products, services and business models. So that your company can stay ahead of the game tomorrow.


Data provisioning: highly automated

We design and build modern data platforms for you: on your own servers (on-premises), in the public cloud or in a hybrid model that is a combination of the two. We use transferrable and replicable solutions with own tools, standardized modules and architectures, a high degree of automation and third-party services. These platforms are the infrastructure on which all of the other services in our portfolio are based.

Intelligent use of data

We plan, develop and implement individual applications and solutions on data platforms for you. These flexibly extendable solutions enable your company to make optimum use of data for existing or new business models.

Data platform operation

We handle the lifecycle management of data platforms and applications, and data quality assurance for you on the basis of bespoke service level agreements - whether you operate your platforms on the premises, in the public cloud or in hybrid environments.

Comprehensive advice

We advise you on all aspects of technology, architecture, methods and transformation. Whenever practical we incorporate best practices and agile methods.

Resource provisioning

We support you when you need to overcome bottlenecks. Depending on your needs, we provide you with suitable experts and knowledge.


What makes us stand out

Excellent data competence

We started out as a database specialist. Ever since then data has been part of our DNA. Whether we are managing or analyzing data, our aim is always to transform that data into added value for our customers.

High-quality training and consultancy services

After only a few years in business we had evolved into a database training and consultancy specialist. Our commitment to quality, which is no less strong today, made that possible.

A fantastic team

We are people who are passionate about intelligent IT. Every single one of us makes a contribution to our collective success. Founded in 1994 by three people, the company today has 700 employees at 16 locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Romania.

Strong values

We live our cultural values to the full: we are inquisitive, go-getters, networkers, free and team players. These values have always shaped the way we work together and our approach to projects, customers and partners.

Open knowledge transfer

We are the sharers and builders of the valuable knowledge that we gain day after day through working together on projects in teams. It allows us to learn from each other, develop and shape the digital future together.



Awards and partnerships

If your are happy with us, and our employees enjoy working for us, then that is an honour in itself. All the better if our work and accomplishments are commended by independent bodies and partners.

Board of directors

Urban Lankes
Chairman of the board of directors
Thomas Claudius Huber
Member of the board of directors
Member of the board of directors
Member of the board of directors
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