101 reasons to work @ Trivadis – Part of Accenture

Data are more than just numbers. They are stories, dreams and above all: people. Like you and me. Like everyone at Trivadis - Part of Accenture. Download our interactive poster and discover 101 reasons to become part of our team!

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1. Because data is in our DNA.
2. Because freedom is at the core of our cultural values.
3. Because we finally stopped scanning invoices in 2020.
4. Because we were bought by Accenture.
5. Because we have better stories than VICE.
6. Because ideas don't wither away on paper but can learn to fly.
7. Because we are trying to make a difference beyond mere economic logic.
8. Because we are Microsoft Gold partner.
9. Because we provide 3 of 100 Oracle ACE Directors worldwide.
10. Because we help customers use data and new technologies intelligently.
11. Because we have Sepp.
12. Because we won the Microsoft Switzerland Country Partner of the Year Award 2021.
13. Because we help children breathe.
14. Because, in agreement with our clients, we decide ourselves as to when and where we work.
15. Because we foster a culture of knowledge transfer.
16. Because our dogs bark in Teams calls.
17. Because we work across industries, from automotive to health care.
18. Because we are shaping the data & AI future.
19. Because we help universities automate their exam planning.
20. Because we find purpose in applying data and new technologies to support and complement us humans.
21. Because we are ISO/IEC 20000 and 27001 certified.
22. Because we help manufacturers detect machine damage 45 days in advance.
23. Because we have our own streaming series, "Sparx".
24. Because we support bus drivers in being punctual.
25. Because our company wasn't founded in a garage but at a petrol station.
26. Because we regularly speak at events and also act as trainers for our clients.
27. Because we know what digital transformation really means (been there ourselves).
28. Because we are Oracle Platinum partner.
29. Because we make squash training more efficient.
30. Because we get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in our industry.
31. Because we won the Digital Excellence Award 2021.
32. Because our Co-CEOs have 3 dogs and 6 cats.
33. Because in our daily business, we work on projects we’re interested in with people we like.
34. Because we have our own training business with over 2000 participants per year.
35. Because we help automotive manufacturers build safe self-driving cars.
36. Because we are not seen as numbers but human beings with our unique quirks.
37. Because we fail many times.
38. Because we succeed more frequently than we fail.
39. Because we support customers end-to-end – from strategy to development and operations.
40. Because we know why the chicken crossed the road.
41. Because we staff our people dynamically according to their skills and passions.
42. Because we benefit from hundreds of technical as well as soft-skills tranings.
43. Because we have our own lunch webinars with complimentary pizza.
44. Because we give musicians insights into their royalties.
45. Because we have conquered the Röstigraben.
46. Because our management wears hoodies.
47. Because soon we will have our own chocolate.
48. Because we let over 500 children from homes draw the future for us.
49. Because we have over 50'000 contacts in our CRM.
50. Because we are writing a children's book on AI.
51. Because our Teams calls crash.
52. Because we are techies at heart.
53. Because we are AWS Advanced Consulting partner.
54. Because our teams dance after the same beat.
55. Because we have our own online-magazine "Binary Dreams".
56. Because we support retailers in better understanding their customers.
57. Because we launched the first Swiss Home Office Challenge.
58. Because our competitors are trying to copy us.
59. Because we have >70 customer stories.
60. Because we put people first.
61. Because we believe in self-organization and taking the initiative.
62. Because we sometimes think we spider when we speak English.
63. Because our branding has the most beautiful colours.
64. Because we’ve been part of the team since day 1.
65. Because we know what KONAMI means.
66. Because we take the road less travelled.
67. Because we keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the field of data & AI.
68. Because we have our very own Ugly X-Mas sweater.
69. Because there is always someone who starts the Teams call 30 Minutes early.
70. Because we work on projects which not only challenge, but touch and inspire us.
71. Because we don't need Delphi, we have Oracle.
72. Because we started when the Netscape Navigator was launched.
73. Because we have our own songs.
74. Because we truly care about each other.
75. Because we have artworks as profile pictures.
76. Because we’re creating a new video every 10 days.
77. Because we know that there is more to life than just work.
78. Because we won’t do it cheaper.
79. Because we have created our own alpaca game.
80. Weil wir von Gratis-Kaffee und -Früchten profitieren, neben vielem anderen.
81. Because we have two types of data scientists: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
82. Because at Trivadis, we are the best version of ourselves.
83. Because we started running together with Forrest Gump.
84. Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
85. Because we harness the power of data for a smarter life.
86. Because we have people with roots from over 90 countries.
87. Because we know where Bartli gets the cider.
88. Because our new boss, Jack, is from Obar Dheathain.
89. Because we are ; in our code.
90. Because the emperor tamarin is our spirit animal.
91. Because parts of our website delete themselves from time to time.
92. Because we are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise.
93. Because we know the difference between Azure and Escher.
94. Because we are futureproof.
95. Because we conquered the TED stage.
96. Because we receive Christmas gifts with meaning.
97. Because we really want you.
98. Because we have smart desktop wallpapers.
99. Because we call ourselves Trivadians.
100. Because we mean it.
101. Because our hearts are beating. ?


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