«NLG – Natural Language Generation: Enter Narratives»

„NLG – Natural Language Generation: Enter Narratives“

Dieser triCast wird in Englisch durchgeführt.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you wish for something better than a thousand words? That's NLG, the automatic generation of natural language explaining the insight of data, charts, graphs, maps and more. All of it in real-time! While companies struggle to adopt BI tools because the tools still require a significant level of analytical and communication skills, innovative companies can tailor reports regarding format, length and language variability in order to reach diverse audiences in different channels, thus accelerating insight and scaling analytic practices enterprise-wide. On this presentation we will show how NLG is revolutionizing the press as we know it, the world of social media and the vast range of IoT applications.

Melden sie sich jetzt an zum triCast „NLG – Natural Laguage Generation: Enter Narratives“ am 29.05.2018.


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