Oracle CPU, “Yes” or “No” – Trivadis helps you to decide!

We'll tell you whether it is worth installing the Critical Patch Update. After all, testing and patching costs you time and money. The Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) is released every three months and resolves major security bugs in your Oracle database, Application Server and other Oracle applications. That's why we provide you with our CPU report in the same cycle. Trivadis tests the current Oracle versions with the latest patch set for which a CPU is available on SUN, HP, AIX, Linux and Windows platforms, and gives you valuable tips. Oracle Application Server is tested in Linux and Windows environments.

trivadis toolbox tvd criticalpatchreport


  • Recommendations: When you should install the test – and when not to
  • Tips to keep in mind when installing the CPU
  • Information about whether the database will behave differently after the CPU has been installed
  • TVD-CriticalPatchReportTM tells you whether the database will behave differently after the patch has been installed
  • Trivadis creates the critical patch report when the CPU is released
  • You subscribe to the service and automatically receive the report
  • Less time and money is spent on evaluation when the quarterly patch is released
  • Greater reliability in pinpointing potential problems at an early stage
  • Field-proven and available shortly after the release of the patch
  • Trivadis creates the Critical Patch Update report every three months. Subscribe now to our CPU service for one year.
  • CHF 1500 / EUR 950 for 4 reports

Stefan Oehrli

Trivadis, Solution Manager Security