The sound basis for Oracle database and application server environments.

TVD-BasEnv™ standardizes and simplifies the handling of environments in both online and batch mode for Oracle database and application server landscapes. TVD-BaseEnv™ features a package of refined report and start/stop scripts.

trivadis toolbox tvd basenv


  • More flexible and powerful than (c)oraenv, for example
  • Enables administration by every DBA in all (new) environments due to their administrative uniformity
  • Supports OFA and non-OFA environments
  • Flexible environment handling
  • Platform independence
  • Alias definitions
  • Command history for sqlplus, rman, dgmgrl also under Unix
  • Simple and quick installation
  • In successful deployment on over 4000 database servers with 12,500 databases
  • Also supports RAC and FailOver cluster environments
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers
  • On Demand

Roland Stirnimann

Trivadis, Business Development Manager