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Flexible tools for optimized infrastructure operations.

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The Trivadis TOOLBOX™ is an agile, lean solution for the key operational tasks in Oracle and Microsoft database and application server landscapes. Our proven tools reduce administration workloads in conjunction with enhanced operating reliability through the automation of standards and best practices. Trivadis has been offering tools for operating infrastructures for over 15 years. The consequently high level of maturity has an


extremely positive impact on their functionality and stability. Sales of over 2500 licenses for the respective tools guarantee tremendous investment protection due to their widespread use and the existing upgrade rights and maintenance agreements. We can also provide many references affirming their reliable and successful deployment at small-sized to key account customers.

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  • Best practices by Trivadis professionals
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Easily applicable
  • Centralized configurations
  • Highly customizable
  • Version-neutral
  • Monitoring
  • Log file analysis
  • Status reporting

Professional Services:


trivadis professional services





The sound basis for Oracle database and application server environments.

TVD-BasEnv™ standardizes and simplifies the handling of environments in both online and batch mode for Oracle database and application server landscapes. TVD-BaseEnv™ features a package of refined report and start/stop scripts.

trivadis toolbox tvd basenv


  • More flexible and powerful than (c)oraenv, for example
  • Enables administration by every DBA in all (new) environments due to their administrative uniformity
  • Supports OFA and non-OFA environments
  • Flexible environment handling
  • Platform independence
  • Alias definitions
  • Command history for sqlplus, rman, dgmgrl also under Unix
  • Simple and quick installation
  • In successful deployment on over 4000 database servers with 12,500 databases
  • Also supports RAC and FailOver cluster environments
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers
  • On Demand


Permanently on standby – 
high availability data with Trivadis for your Oracle Standard edition.

trivadis toolbox tvd standby

IT failures and data losses are a corporate nightmare and they’re also associated with massive costs. In an extreme scenario, they can even jeopardise the company’s existence. Every minute of data unavailability loses you valuable productivity, image and money.



Doubly protected with TVD-Standby™.

TVD-Standby™ ensures the high availability of your data. The unique proposition: your valuable data is doubly protected with the Trivadis standby database.

Available everywhere as a cloud solution.

You can access your data in the cloud whenever you want and wherever you are. Additional monitoring and synchronisation functions back up the standby version. This has the advantage that database errors are always intercepted and displayed as errors during the synchronisation process. Obsolete archives are identified and continuously updated. Make your Oracle Standard Edition database even more secure with TVD-Standby as an essential add-on.

trivadis tvd tvd-standby architecture


Four functions for secure data.

trivadis toolbox tvd backup

These days data are valuable assets that are essential to your company and its business operations. But is there a security solution for Oracle Databases that’s both efficient and smart? Especially when you’re accessing, adapting and reading out data on a daily basis and numerous employees have access to it.



TVD-Backup now with Trivadis Intelligent Backup.

TVD-Backup™ by Trivadis is the efficient and smart solution for Oracle. It’s also flexible, intelligent and transparent. TVD-Backup™ has four functions – including the unique Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB).



Configure your own backup tool. Use best practice templates to define your requirements and implement a custom backup solution in a very short time. Integrated reports provide you with detailed information about failures and queries, and allow you to easily optimise your backup.


trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup

trivadis tvd backup


Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB)

Most databases have automatic backups every day at the same time, when the data loads are lowest. It seems the logical thing to do – but it is associated with some disadvantages.

The objective of this traditional approach is to perform a backup of the entire database. But what happens if there is high data traffic mid-way through the day? If a department suddenly urgently needs to access lost data, but isn’t sure when it got lost.




Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB) solves these problems. TIB knows the load situation at all operating databases and all the backups. TIB retains an overview of your data flows and makes policy and situation-based decisions on when backups are necessary. If there is an unusually high level of data traffic or error messages it automatically adapts the backup time intervals to proactively prevent potential downtime – but only on the affected servers.

Reduce your backup load with TIB and the time required to perform backups. TIB continuously adapts your parameters to the current situation. New databases are immediately identified and automatically backed up.


trivadis tvd-standby architecture

trivadis tvd tib engine concept


Is a restore process necessary? The guided recovery process with restore optimisation enables you to restore your database to a previous state. The integrated database clone function allows you to simply make your data available in different environments.



Retain an overview at all times of past and future backups.



Infrastructure inventory and configuration at a glance.

An IT infrastructure without proactive and business-oriented capacity planning is like running a company without a business plan. Capacity management and forecasting are among the most important tasks when operating databases. The requisite mandatory basis for saving costs and enhancing efficiency is created here. The Trivadis tool TVD-CapMan™ provides you with all the basic functions necessary for qualitatively resolving the day-to-day practical issues that arise in database operations.

trivadis toolbox tvd capman


  • Grouping of all different kinds of components and comparisons, together with the definition and automatic monitoring of baselines and KPIs
  • Customized service reporting possible on the basis of repository data
  • Data mining on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems
  • Centralized and discreet gathering of data possible
  • Different security concepts for accessing components can be implemented
  • Automatic loading into the Trivadis tool repository database
  • Graphical overview of resource consumption data and dynamic performance values
  • Simplified sizing, consolidation and forecasting statements regarding server and storage capacities possible
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • Field-proven, deployed on thousands of servers
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: Combination of database server and CPU cores


Efficient provisioning
and deprovisioning of databases.

TVD-Admin™ provides the DBA with a tool for the standardized and efficient creation and deletion of Oracle databases on Unix and Windows systems. In contrast to other tools, TVD-Admin™ is a lean and configurable script generator. These scripts can be executed with a single call or modified as required for specific projects. The included templates contain valuable know-how from the day-to-day work of Trivadis consultants, who use the tool themselves. TVD-Admin™ is being continually developed and adapted to new versions of Oracle.

trivadis toolbox tvd admin


  • Einfache und schnelle Installation
  • Verkleinert Fehlerpotential durch automatisierte Skipte
  • Erhöht die Servicequalität bei geringeren Administrationskosten
  • Erweiterbar durch kundenspezifische Abläufe
  • Effizientes erstellen und löschen von Datenbanken und deren Filestrukturen
  • Best Practice Setup auf herkömmliche Filesysteme und auch auf Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Interaktiv wie auch im Silentmode mit Responsefile
  • Optimierung der Administration durch Automatisation
  • Laufende Weiterentwicklung auf die neusten Releases und Funktionalitäten von Oracle
  • Unterstützt Multitenancy Setups von Oracle 12c (Container und Pluggable Databases)
  • Praxiserprobt, auf tausenden von Servern eingesetzt
  • Auf Anfrage (Mengenrabatt bei Mehrfachlizenzen)
  • Lizenzmetrik: Datenbankserver


Optimized high availability setup and monitoring.

TVD-HATM supports you in setting up and monitoring Oracle Data Guard and Real Application Clusters environments with automated configuration of the requisite Oracle processes. Data Guard and cluster configurations can be easily created, securely operated, and monitored significantly more simply with TVD-HATM. This results in massive time savings and replicable high quality levels.

trivadis toolbox tvd ha


  • A standardized approach and step-by-step check of the system requirements with descriptive error messages simplify setting up the environment (partial steps are also possible)
  • Field-proven and replicable, including monitoring of the relevant metrics and virtual IP handling
  • Creation of the Data Guard Broker configuration
  • Monitoring and alerting of Oracle Data Guard environments and their statuses
  • Automatic provision of an application IP address in failover/switchover scenarios
  • Configuration of failover clusters based on the Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Using TVD-HATM saves time and offers greater efficiency when setting up complex environments
  • Implements a reliable system-monitoring mechanism right from the outset
  • Ongoing development in step with the latest Oracle releases and functionalities
  • On Demand (Volume discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: Database server


Oracle CPU, “Yes” or “No” – Trivadis helps you to decide!

We'll tell you whether it is worth installing the Critical Patch Update. After all, testing and patching costs you time and money. The Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) is released every three months and resolves major security bugs in your Oracle database, Application Server and other Oracle applications. That's why we provide you with our CPU report in the same cycle. Trivadis tests the current Oracle versions with the latest patch set for which a CPU is available on SUN, HP, AIX, Linux and Windows platforms, and gives you valuable tips. Oracle Application Server is tested in Linux and Windows environments.

trivadis toolbox tvd criticalpatchreport


  • Recommendations: When you should install the test – and when not to
  • Tips to keep in mind when installing the CPU
  • Information about whether the database will behave differently after the CPU has been installed
  • TVD-CriticalPatchReportTM tells you whether the database will behave differently after the patch has been installed
  • Trivadis creates the critical patch report when the CPU is released
  • You subscribe to the service and automatically receive the report
  • Less time and money is spent on evaluation when the quarterly patch is released
  • Greater reliability in pinpointing potential problems at an early stage
  • Field-proven and available shortly after the release of the patch
  • Trivadis creates the Critical Patch Update report every three months. Subscribe now to our CPU service for one year.
  • CHF 1500 / EUR 950 for 4 reports


Oracle application server environment deployment – simple and automated.

trivadis toolbox tvd oradeployer

The provision and comparison of production, integration, test, and development environments can be an extremely complicated and error-prone undertaking. TVD-ORA-Deployer™ assures the user of huge time savings with simple modeling of the deployment configuration. Even the most complex architectures with many different Oracle components can be rolled out in a simple and reproducible manner.  Automation and minimum configuration work cut down error rates and contribute to achieving a high degree of quality assurance. The acquisition costs are amortized after just a few deployment cycles, making for reliable costing calculations.

trivadis tvd-ora-deployer


  • Hohe Qualität durch reproduzierbare Abläufe
  • Generisch erweiterbar
  • Keine Installation notwendig (Unzip&run)
  • Orchestrierung des Deployments
  • Modellierung und Automatisierung
  • Konfigurationschecks durch Fehlererkennung
  • Keine vergleichbare Funktionalität im Markt verfübgar
  • Sehr gutes Kosten/Nutzen Verhältnis
  • Alle Oracle Kmponenten unterstützt
  • Auf Anfrage (Mengenrabatt bei Mehrfachlizenzen)
  • Lizenzmetrik: Deployment Artefakte

Microsoft SQL

Simple. Methodical. Competent.

Regular maintenance work is necessary to attain the performance of SQL Server databases. Many of these tasks can and should be automated to make sure they are performed regularly. Our maintenance solution is a lean, field-proven approach that carries out all the requisite maintenance work for data and index structures to sustainably uphold the operating performance of a database environment. We can offer you a solution which provides all the maintenance tasks as jobs on your SQL Server system. The recommended default settings for single databases can be adapted and oriented to your needs in the configuration.

trivadis factsheet Microsoft SQL Maintenance

trivadis toolbox tvd sql maintenance


  • Simple implementation with a script-based installation
  • Safeguards database performance over time
  • Detailed logging for monitoring and traceability purposes
  • Combination of FULL, DIFFERENTIAL, and/or TRANSACTION LOG backups
  • Individual requirements can be configured for every single database
  • Fully configurable scheduling
  • Enhanced quality thanks to Trivadis best practices
  • Optimized usage of resources
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licences)
  • License metrics: SQL Server Instance
  • 25% discount in combination with TVD-Backup for SQL Server

for SQL-Server

Microsoft SQL Server backup: simple – methodical – competent.

Mission-critical data are stored in databases. It is therefore of fundamental importance that the systems are backed up regularly and consistently. The time gaps between the backups will vary dependent upon factors such as acceptable data loss and workload. Our tool enables you to perfectly implement your backup strategy at database level with a simple configuration. We offer you a solution with which you can define the frequency and type of backups for each database in a configuration table for a flexible and centrally controlled implementation of your backup strategy. Our configuration templates already cover many of your requirements and provide you with field-proven backup methods.

trivadis factsheet Microsoft SQL Maintenance

trivadis toolbox tvd sql backup


  • Simple implementation with a script-based installation
  • Assured data availability in line with your requirements
  • Detailed logging for monitoring and traceability purposes
  • Combination of FULL, DIFFERENTIAL, and/or TRANSACTION LOG backups
  • Individual requirements can be configured for every single database
  • Fully configurable scheduling
  • Diminished potential for errors through automation
  • Enhanced quality thanks to Trivadis best practices
  • Optimized usage of resources
  • On Demand (Volume Discounts for multiple licenses)
  • License metrics: SQL Server Instance
  • 25% discount in combination with TVD-Maintenance for SQL Server


Roland Stirnimann

Trivadis, Business Development Manager