Trivadis Innovation
Partnership Program.

trivadis innovation partnership program

Do you want us to help you implement highly innovative projects using the very latest technologies to gain a telling competitive edge? If so, then the Trivadis Innovation Partnership Program (TIPP) is the perfect choice for you! This program offers you the opportunity to benefit from our excellent relationships with our business partners, best-of-class know-how, and the vast experience of our best consultants. Not only will


you have the chance to work together with the leading consultants in the region, but we will actively contribute to the project effort, which in turn will lower your own costs and risks. Alongside professional support, you will also benefit from our marketing activities targeted at today's top topics. With TIPP, you can realize the future right now, and together we will get the most out of your current and upcoming products!

Service features:

  • Involvement of our best staff (Oracle Ace Director, Oracle Certified Master, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP, etc.) in your leading edge project
  • Your point of contact is a Trivadis Solution & Technology manager, who is always familiar with the very latest solution trends
  • Optimum leverage of our relationships with manufacturers and corporate partners including Microsoft and Oracle
  • Lower project costs on account of free services hours within the framework of our TIPP projects
  • Joint marketing platform
Trivadis, Martin Wunderli, Chief Technology Officer

Martin Wunderli

Trivadis, Chief Technology Officer