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Store & Process Very Large Datasets

Store & process very large data sets – Enterprise Data Hub

The enterprise data hub is the central point for storing all business-relevant data in a comprehensive operational data store (ODS). All the data are available in their original state, and are continuously collated and saved in the greatest detail. This all takes place in an extremely cost-effective manner coupled with adequate computing capacity either for

running analyses directly on the data hub platform, or as a central repository for all the other IT systems. A consistent backup strategy for all the historical data allows detailed data to be historically accessed in full even years later, or error analyses to be run with unprecedented reliability.

Full data historization!

The main problem with historical data is not their volume, but rather their heterogeneous nature. Structures and significances are constantly changing. The big data lambda architecture allows for a uniform view of historical data – regardless of their structure. And brand-new structural changes will never prevent data from being recorded either. Nothing is lost.

  • Standardized architecture
  • Historical data is always accessible
  • Equipped for future analysis methods

trivadis store process

Trivadis, Peter Welker, Senior Principal Consultant

Peter Welker

Trivadis, Senior Principal Consultant