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Speedy Data Streams

Speedy data streams - real-time analytics

It is becomingly increasingly crucial to be able to analyze data streams in real-time, not only from social media sources, for instance, but above all from sensor and telematics systems. However, the parallelism of multiple simultaneous data streams and the frequently changing and uncontrollable data rates represent major challenges in processing such data.

Our approach is based on a flexible lambda architecture, which we configure to accommodate the customer's requirements and implement using proven technology components from the Hadoop ecosystem.

The architecture is crucial!

The architecture as success factor. The lambda architecture we propagate masters the major challenges associated with processing real-time data streams. This architecture can be scaled to cope with any number of data streams as well as the transmitted data sets. Components can be replicated to boost the system's performance accordingly. Processing components for real-time analyses can be incorporated in the data stream.

  • Standardized architecture
  • Scalability of the overall solution
  • Ready for real-time analytics

trivadis speedy data streams

Trivadis, Peter Welker, Senior Principal Consultant

Peter Welker

Trivadis, Senior Principal Consultant