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Data theft? Data manipulation? No way! Our team and you develop joint solutions for protecting your data. By this, we also mean complying with regulatory mechanisms such as SOX, Basel II / III and PCI-DSS. We assist you with security issues, whereby we regard security not just as a product, but as an across-the-board process. We don't view security in isolation, since issues such as information security and data protection prevail in many areas of an enterprise.

Our team continually addresses new products, technologies and concepts. We investigate and evaluate new security features and issues, including in new database releases. We identify security vulnerabilities, assess them, and then fix them together with manufacturers and customers.

We are the people to talk to about:

  • Security concepts in infrastructure, database, application development and BI environments
  • Secure Development Livecycle
  • Data security (confidentiality, integrity, availability) by means of
    - authentication and authorization
    - data encryption
    - (centralized) auditing
  • Security reviews
  • Security concepts
  • Regulatory mechanisms (e.g. SOX, Basel II / III and PCI-DSS)

know-how-network expert-teams security

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Stefan Oehrli

Trivadis, Solution Manager Security