Oracle Forms Modernization

Oracle Forms – highway or blind alley?

Many companies are faced with the question of how to handle their Forms applications in future. The scenarios range from “Don't touch!”, over migration, and through to replacement with new developments. The decision in favor of one of these scenarios

and then the way ahead depend on many variables and criteria. Trivadis accompanies you through the process from the analysis through to the implementation and operation of your modernized systems.

  • Low-cost basic analyses of the main characteristics of your Oracle Forms applications
  • Structured, business value-oriented visualization of the applications
  • Assessment of the application's complexity with regard to possible modernization

trivadis oracle form modernisierung

  • GAP – analysis of the target situation
  • Recommendations for the target technology
  • Recommendations for the strategy, project and program plan
Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development