New information technologies, the digital business transformation, and ever greater quantities of data and information make solutions increasingly more complex so that they can scarcely be handled by companies on their own. Trivadis lessens this complexity for you, and ensures that you can use data intelligently and reliably. "Trivadis makes IT easier" is more than just an advertising slogan.


It’s our promise for your entrepreneurial success in the future. Our TIPP program (Trivadis Innovation Partnership Program) demonstrates how intensely, openly, and with how much commitment we engage ourselves in partnerships for our customers. Experience for yourself how we make things easier for you. Consolidate your competitiveness in the digital age, benefit from TIPP, and lead the way with Trivadis.

The solutions portfolio from Trivadis:

  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • Internet of Things
  • Modernisierung
  • Integration
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization
  • BI/DWH Modernization
  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Managed Service & Outsourcing
  • Training
  • Toolbox
  • biGenius
  • Packaged Consulting Solutions
Trivadis, Björn Bröhl, Head of Marketing Communications & Sales

Björn Bröhl

Trivadis, Head of Marketing Communications & Sales