With SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)

Modernizing and integrating an existing IT landscape.

Combining new and existing technologies into a functioning entity is one of Trivadis' core competencies. The experience we have accumulated over several decades makes us the perfect partner for supporting you in implementing your modernization project. The know-how of our experts combined with a made-to-measure methodology for implementing a solution that covers all your requirements and is fully integrated in your IT landscape.


Don't wait until it's too late

According to statistics, up to 50% of all larger enterprises deploy legacy systems – frequently on the basis of host technologies. That means systems with internal structures and technologies which are either obsolete or no longer familiar. Nevertheless, these are business-critical systems which cannot be readily replaced. Many parts of these systems are redundant and heterogeneous. The ongoing adaptation and extension of the systems, and the integration of new technologies, continually increase this complexity. Enterprises therefore have to find a way of being able to cope with the ongoing changes in their systems. How the existing systems are handled plays a crucial role. In particular, it comes

down to the manner in which this system landscape can be designed so that it is capable of mastering the challenges of the future. Modernization is a decisive factor here.


Creating an holistic basis for the future

Integration with an SOA offers the customer both the methodology and the tools for an implementation that will enable existing systems to continue being used in the future. The structuring of the functionality of these systems into individual services as a logical unit with a standardized interface represents the basic building block of the modernization. We make sure that you are accompanied and supported by acknowledged experts at every stage of your modernization project. The appliance of market-proven approaches, combined with process models and best practice guidelines that have been developed during the course of a great number of implementations, guarantees you a solution that will meet your needs. We will support you in realizing your modernization project right from its early stages, such as by analyzing the existing system, or by defining implementation procedures. We cover the full bandwidth of modernization techniques and strategies.


Our approach

The modernization of an existing (legacy) system is a combination of analytics, re-engineering, and an adept, step-by-step implementation. Selecting the appropriate modernization technology is crucial to the success of the project. In turn, this selection is dependent upon a careful analysis of the existing system and the intelligent recording of the requirements. That's why we have developed proven techniques so that they can be used efficiently and specifically oriented to your systems.


Your benefits:

  • Support from acknowledged experts across the entire lifecycle of your modernization project.
  • Planning and implementation of the modernization of an existing system so that it seamlessly integrates into the customer's future IT landscape.
  • Reduced cost and time expenditure for maintaining and running the existing system in conjunction with continued use of its functionality.
  • Greater satisfaction among business customers by combining the proven existing functionality with modern technology.




trivadis integration mit soa

Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development