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Hard-to-calculate integration costs and risks? The full range of integration services offered by Trivadis and our technical experts will make it much easier for you to assess the costs and risks of analyzing, planning and implementing your integration projects. Trivadis integration projects offer a high degree of realization security, as well as comprehensive fulfillment of your requirements at a realistic price.

- Our certified experts support you in the design, conception and realization of your integration projects, be it at data, service or process integration level.

- Our projects and services are implemented by designated and competent specialists on the basis of standardized and methodological approaches and our proven integration blueprints.

- Our many years' experience and expertise in the areas of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) enable us to find the best ways to address your challenges.

- Right from an early stage we establish the sustainability, extensibility and reaction capability for future integrations.

We are the people to talk to about:

  • integration and service-oriented architectures
  • implementing comprehensive integration and SOA projects
  • support for realizing complex projects
  • middleware platform expertise (Oracle, Microsoft, open source)
  • architecture and platform reviews
  • training and workshops

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trivadis literatur architecture blueprint

Architecture Blueprint
A guide to building software systems using Java Spring, .NET, ADF, Forms and SOA.

Authors: Daniel Liebhart, Guido Schmutz, Marcel Lattmann, Markus Heinisch, Michael Könings, Mischa Kölliker, Perry Pakull, Peter Welkenbach

Language: German

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trivadis SOA goes real

SOA goes real
Successfully plan and implement service-oriented architectures.

Author: Daniel Liebhart

Language: German

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trivadis literatur Oracle Service Bus 11g

Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook
Authors: Guido Schmutz, Edwin Biemond, Jan van Zoggel, Mischa Kölliker, Eric Elzinga

Language: English

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literatur service oriented architecture

Service Oriented Architecture:
An Integration Blueprint
A realistic SOA strategy for integrating heterogeneous enterprise systems.

Authors: Guido Schmutz, Peter Welkenbach, Daniel Liebhart

Language: English

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Trivadis, Matthias Furrer, Principal Consultant

Matthias Furrer

Trivadis, Principal Consultant