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Our consultants apply their know-how day in, day out, to help solve complex tasks. We can only fulfill our expectations of our own excellence through the continual development of this know-how. This is sustained by internal projects, internal and external training, the exchange of experience at TechEvents, and via enterprise social media. As well as passing on our knowledge and experience within the scope of projects and training


sessions, our eXpert teams are another means of interaction for our customers. Grouped into different theme areas, we share our know-how in the shape of presentations, articles, sample code, etc. At the same time, we offer opportunities for discussions with our eXperts.

trivadis expert team security


trivadis expert team integration


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trivadis expert team engineered systems



trivadis expert team engineered systems



Trivadis, Martin Wunderli, Chief Technology Officer

Martin Wunderli

Trivadis, Chief Technology Officer