Data Quality
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Data quality as success factor!

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The quality of the data in the data warehouse is the decisive factor governing user acceptance of that data. If any justified mistrust arises in just one area due to the inferior quality of the data, this will quickly put a question mark over the data warehouse solution as a whole.

It is therefore absolutely essential to establish the appropriate processes and procedures for permanently ensuring high data quality. Trivadis helps to achieve this goal with solutions for not only automating data quality routines during ongoing operation, but also for development and change management scenarios.


  • Automated test routines
  • For development and operation
  • Test management and monitorin
  • Test data generation

Consistent quality at every level.

The Trivadis BI Service Framework biGeniusTM also features components that provide for consistent data quality assurance at all levels of a business intelligence and data warehouse solution. Development and operation processes are automated to attain a suitable degree of efficiency.

  • Ongoing data quality assurance
  • Low costs through automation
  • Consistency at every level

trivadis data quality testing

Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence