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Data Lab – advanced analytics in a sandbox

Power users, BI analysts or data scientists need more than just access to the data warehouse and BI tool. What are also required are powerful analysis platforms which allow heterogeneous data from different sources to be analyzed in self-service mode.

We can design and build you the perfect workplace for exploratory analyses. This means that you gain new knowledge without week-long lead times.

Everything under your control!

Depending on your requirements, we link existing DWH data with other information sources such as social media, log files, sensor data or documents. The right technological approach means that the system as a whole delivers the best possible performance. Whether different systems are connected virtually, or data are physically integrated at a suitable location, is dependent upon the required performance and data quality. We will apply our technical and professional expertise to develop a suitable solution that perfectly meets your cost-effectiveness expectations.

  • Unified Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Semantic Web

trivadis data lab

Trivadis, Peter Welker, Senior Principal Consultant

Peter Welker

Trivadis, Senior Principal Consultant