BI WriterTM

Report commenting.

Many of the most commonly used reporting solutions only support the visualization of business data. Although they usually do this quite well, they often lack the capability for adding frequently required comments to the report results. What is the point of the best discrepancy report if the senior management cannot read any explanations about the discrepancies in the report? That's why we developed biWriterTM to enable this lacking functionality to be subsequently built into all commonplace reporting environments.

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  • Dynamic commenting on reports
  • Simple planning functions with reporting tools
  • No need to change the reporting environment
  • Investment security for your existing solution

biWriterTM transforms your application into a fully-fledged reporting solution.

biWriterTM can be integrated as a functional component (framework) in any commonly used reporting environment. This significantly enhances the functionality of your reporting solution, and obviates the annoying need to export data from a report and add comments. With biWriterTM, all your comments and remarks are immediately available to all other users, as well as being stored in the database in a structured manner.

  • Reporting
  • Commenting
  • Planning

Using your existing tools and biWriterTM.

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Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence