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trivadis analytical data management

Data warehouse solutions have to offer ever greater flexibility and adaptability, while remaining cost-effective in their implementation and operation. A challenge that is to difficult to master with traditional approaches and methods. Not only that, but there is a steadily pressing need to combine unstructured or semi-structured data with the classical data from a data warehouse to derive even more value from internal and external data sources.

With the unrelenting accumulation of analytical data bases, ensuring a satisfactory level of data quality has become a continually growing challenge. Trivadis has developed solutions for all of these key issues in the field of analytical data management. These are based on the one hand on the extensive experience gathered from innumerable implementation projects, and on the other on innovative system architectures developed using big data technologies.



  • Agile Data Warehousing
  • DWH Automation
  • Hybrid architectures
  • Unified analysis
  • Data Quality
  • BI Test Management

“Using the new BI solution, we were able to cut down our annual operating and development costs by more than 50%.”

Stephan Ischer, SAP system manager at HACO AG


Trivadis BI Service Framework.

The Trivadis Bl Service Framework biGenius™ is the connecting link between requirements and the productive BI solution. biGenius™ is both a method and a tool, providing seamless support from the requirements analysis, through to implementation of the technical solution and operation of every phase of a BI project.

  • Fast implementation
  • High savings potential
  • Best practices & standards

trivadis module bigenius

Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence