Advanced Analytics

A deeper insight into your data
for more success!

trivadis analytical data management

Advanced Analytics is based on complex analysis methods and provides an unprecedented depth of detail for evaluating your company's data. You will get a deep insight into the structures and correlations of your business data, enabling you to pinpoint and appraise potential for the future (Predictive Analytics).


This means that you will be able to consistently step up your productivity and gain that decisive edge over your competitors! Our specialists can accompany and support you throughout every phase of an Advanced Analytics project.


  • Data Collection
  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Dashboarding
  • Information Design
  • Embedded BI

“With Trivadis, we were able to achieve appreciable cost savings, and at the same time significantly expedite our Bl environment.”

Matthias Meyer, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Look into the future with Predictive Analytics!

With Predictive Analytics, not only will you be able to analyze your historical data, but you also be able to look into the future of your company's development, or more accurately assess the occurrence of risks. Predictive Analytics applications cover a broad spectrum, ranging from customer management issues and risk management, for instance, through to preventive maintenance in production environments. Thanks to our expertise, you can make predictions about your business activities, and in doing so create significantly more effective decision-making procedures and process optimization in every area.

Predict future potential thanks to a deep analytical understanding of your data:

  • Focus on customers with the greatest sales potential
  • Avoid losing customers
  • Maximize the success rate of your marketing campaigns
  • Optimize and secure the production chain (business continuity)
  • Predict and track down fraud
  • Avoid credit-related & financial default risks

trivadis advanced analytics

trivadis advanced analytics

Gregor Zeiler

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Business Intelligence